I am a human potential venture capitalist.

By this I mean: I invest in human potential to develop in generative ways, both in individual and collective journeys of sense-making.

I aspire to be the founder and first student of the “beyond-ego academy of science and passion”.
By this I mean: I work where there is capacity to develop in wholesome ways bridging the scientific approach to the world’s needs and the personal development qualities needed to face such transition in the world.

Specialties: Education for sustainable development; Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development; Facilitation skills; Process Design; Pedagogy for Adult Learning; Analytical skills; Leadership Development; Coaching;
Other networks and social media where we can connect

Twitter www.twitter.com/eccemarco
Facebook www.facebook.com/eccemarco
Linkedin  https://se.linkedin.com/pub/marco-valente/5/b10/82a 

One thought on “About

    greenmuslima said:
    December 26, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    Re your question: “why in the world are we here? surely not to live in pain and fear” – no, I don’t think we’re here to live in pain and fear (though difficult to avoid it altogether), but to try to live positive, peaceful and sustainable lives to show we deserve Paradise in the next life as this earth is God’s Creation and we’ve been appointed guardians. Well that’s my personal 2p. In peace, Rianne

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