Coaching sessions offered Dec 14-23

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For the following two weeks, I am offering some coaching which can help you make progress on goals that are meaningful to you. Interested?

I offer coaching of two kinds.

ICF-inspired Coaching (of the more ‘traditional’ type): I offer coaching inspired by the International Coach Federation ways of work, to help you make progress on any area where you wish to make progress.

Sharper clarity on your purpose: This would be especially relevant if you are in a time of transition and want to get a sharper clarity on what to do next with your professional life.

On both of these I have a few years of practice, and use a variety of tools to help you think in creative ways and make progress and unlock your potential.

I will make 16 time slots available over the next two weeks (Dec 14-18 and 21-23). A session lasts for 90 minutes.

The cost structure is divided into three brackets:

1) I love the idea, but my income does not.
You are a fresh grad, a young social entrepreneur, a passionate student, a freelancer with bright ideas but without a stable income at the moment… I want to make it possible for you to benefit from it. The cost would be 5 USD or up (you decide) to donate to a charity of my choice.

2) Entry-level salary at my work.
If you are at an entry level position in your organization (25-28K USD / year or less) the fee would be 60 USD.

3) It’s okay, I can afford this.
If you have a senior level position in your organization (or your own enterprise) the fee would be 90 USD.

If you are interested in booking a session, email me at suggest two dates and times, and please indicate your timezone.

Look forward to be working with you!

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