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Ciao, Hey all!
My name is Marco, and I come from Italy.
I graduated from a master programme in  Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability.

It is the Master organized by the BTH Institute on close cooperation with The Natural Step and its principles.

How can I describe myself in a nutshell?
Let’s say that I have always been a curious guy. I have studied communication and social sciences at the University of Salerno, in the southern Italy, and I have always been passionate in understanding the communication mechanisms, and how the the public opinion and the social trends’s flows work.

After my degree I had a bad time in chosing my way, and I felt like I have been facing a moral dilemma. In fact, I have the belief that communicating is equal to tell the truth. But somewhere and sometimes, in the marketplace and in the “tough world” out there, things are quite different. Because of this, I felt a frustration thinking about how to take the best from my expertises in communication, but communicating something that was worth believing in.

If in a business as usual perspective the main skills of a communicator / marketing man usually deal with how to create a compelling and effective message for the audience (whichever it is), I started wondering if I could have gone beyond, with a more engaging cause, where not just the strategy to communicate is valuable, but also the goal itself which the communication strategy is pursuing.

I realized that this economic system is poorly designed and too focused on unnecessary commodities, meanwhile the overall impacts of our current capitalism are rarely taken into account in a proper way.
On the ground of this kind of thoughts I met the concepts of sustainable development. It has been a breakthrough for me. I might even say that I don’t choose what I love, rather is what I love that chooses me.

Sustainability means to me trying to restore the system we are living in, in a way that can allow us to survive, not only as a generation but as a species. If we neglect that we are a species like all the other animals, we can keep behaving increasing our harmful impact on an ecosystem which has a limited capacity to sustain us.
We are sitting on this planet like a fat bird is sitting on a tree. We are upon it. If the bird is becoming fatter and fatter, and the tree is systamatically shrinking, how do you think the story is gonna end?
Sustainability means to me working and living for something meaningful. Maybe is just the cutting edge of something that is painfully and slowly emerging in the world. I hope that in the forthcoming years the concept of a development respectful with the environment will be the norm for the political actors and all the businesses.
Meanwhile, we have a lot of work to do. A huge book yet to write. And I can contribute a verse.

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